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The Construction Survey Process

Construction surveys are essential for ensuring that construction projects are completed according to the latest revision of construction plans. The construction survey process typically involves four steps:

1. Calculations are made from the latest revision of construction plans.

2. A site visit is undertaken to undertake a construction set-out survey

3. Office calculations, plan drafting and quality assurance are carried out;

4. A set-out survey sketch showing all marks placed in electronic form is issued.

By following these steps, construction professionals can be confident that their projects will meet the necessary standards.

The First Step in Land Development

land development

Construction surveys are critical for ensuring that new buildings or features are correctly positioned on a site.

Without accurate surveying, construction projects can quickly fall behind schedule and end up over budget. There are two main types of construction surveys: set-outs and final identification surveys (as-built). Set-out surveys are conducted before construction begins, and they mark the points where the new structure will be located. Final Identification surveys are conducted after construction is completed, and they confirm that the structure has been built in the correct location. Both types of surveys are essential for ensuring that construction projects are completed on time and on budget.

Why Choose us for your Construction Set-Out Survey?

When you’re embarking on a new construction project, it’s essential to choose a setout surveyor that will get the job done efficiently and accurately. Here are five reasons to choose Gold Coast Surveyors for your next setout survey:

We pride ourselves on our efficient service

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We have extensive industry experience

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We use the latest technology in the field

ensuring that your setout survey is of the highest quality.

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Our pricing is competitive

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